How to catch the spectrum of a ufo

Created on 2018 march 22

Jean-Pierre Petit and Remy Nahan


This is the spectrum of the sun's light, through a thin slot and through a "grating". Then we get two spectra.


solar light


Next, we take a picture of a fluorescent tube. Notice we find two vertical lines. Lines are missing in such wavelengths. So that if you take a pictture through yout grating you will be able to determine what is the nature of the source.


Spectre of a fluorescent tube

Now, imagine, by night that you take an image on a point of light source. You will get this :


Spectrum of a point-like source


If you rotate image you make it horizontal:


Spectrum of a point like source


Then you shift to grey-scale image because you don't need the color to analyze this spectrum:


Image in greyscale


There exist a lot of progams for spectrum analysis. They calculate the amount of light on the image between x and x + dx



Evaluation of the photometric density


And you get this :


Spectrum of sodium

Then you can identify the nature of the source.

You can buy gratings in US, chery cheap :

graing diapositive


Choose 500 lines per millimeter. You can buy such gratings there :

Here is a system which makes possible to put the grating before the lens of your cell phone. It is installed in open source on the web ( see below ). Eazy to glue on your cell phone in few seconds.


The grating system ( no particular name. In France we call it " bonnette à réseau" )

We have built such objects with a $500 3D printer. The file is available at : Français        Anglo-saxonèle-3d/divers/spectrosmart-ou-comment-transformer-votre-smartphone-en-spectroscope

It is made with three pieces :

Printing four systems with a 3D printer, by Rémy Nahan, Paris.


Here he glues the pieces together.


The production of this device is not covered by any patent, no name, nothing, this is FREE TO USE . Anyone can install a mass production, any commercial activity and sell the objets for his own, in any country. Our goal is the expand this concept over all the world as fast as possible.

The delicate operation is the gluing operarion of the the thin plastic grating on the plastic drawer. Use gloves. You will rapidly find the good glue, that does not spoil the grating. .

With such device you could take a picture of a ufo, or a movie. I think ufos emit a puff of gas just before they disappear. Its atoms have a metastable neutronic excitation level, which makes possible to create an enormous energy concentration in a thin layer around the craft. Due to the long duration of the metastable state the energy density reaches a value which alters space. Then the mass of the ufo becomes negative at it seems to disappear to us. Negative masses emit negative energy photons that our eyes and camera cannot capture.

To be precise long duration nucleic metastable excitation states are highly classified, because they are linked to research in the gamma laser weapons.


This video comes from China. Perhaps it is a fake. But if it is not, the capture of the spectrum would have given the answer




If you don' own a 3D printer you can ask companies to print the object for you :






Here you down load the 3D file :



And so on ...

In Roswell there is a small shop where they sell gadgets. Look at this one :


On the web you can buy this, which transforms you cell photo into a sophiscated camera, with, as you like with telephoto lens, wide-angle lens,zoom-lens, fish-eye.

Someday a company will sell low cost systems with a rotating turret as this one, with a lot of lens, small size. They could add a grating.



There are millions of potential clients for such low cost product. I predict that, someday, this system will become a standard one. When people wll be equipped with such device, somebody will take a spectrum of a ufo, and we will get the first scientific data from such phenomenon. It would be of great benefit to present such data as a way of convincing skeptics of the UFO phenomenon.

Jean-Pierre Petit and Remy Nahan 2018 March 22, from France.