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France, sept the 26 th

Dear Sir,

I am a french scientist, astrophysicist. I am 66. I belong to the French Cnrs (but retired in aprils 2003). My e-mail is Many years ago I worked on MHD power plants (magnetohydrodynamics). I new personnaly E.Velikhov, who became the collaborator of Poutine for military affairs (...). I still have an old good friend in Moscow, Pr. Golubev, who works in lasers' labo (but perhaps is he retired too). I tell you that to convince you that I am not a jocker. I know all the truth about the Koursk "accident". I have two sources.

- A french journalist, Michel C. who tried to make a TV document about the affair. He got many informations.
- I had a contact with french secret service who were in contact with "Russian anti-Poutine secret service"

If you want to put these on your website immediatly, you can do it.


Author : Jean-Pierre Petit, France, Senior Researcher, specialist in Magnetohydrodynamics (MGD in Russian).

Two years ago a french Journalist, Michel C., visited me. He wanted to make a TV document about the Koursk. He new my knowledge and experience about deep skin-diving. He showed me some documents. From the original version a torpedo would have exploded in the front room of the submarine. But they were two explosions, the first being weaker. The explanation will be given.

The Barentz sea is not so deep. The Kursk sank on a moderate depth. Considering its height the upper door of rescue chamber should be at 90 meters deep. Now, all submarines' crew men own their individual rescue suit. In Europe these suits are designed by the Beaufort Company, UK. They can be packed in small luggage. I can give colored pictures of such suits. The seaman can take place in it and inflate it, moderatly. Then the officer who runs the evacuation operation grows the pressure in the rescue chamber and open the door. The sea water fills it. Each member of the crew takes place just below the rescue door and fills the suit completely with air. Then Archimedes force acts. He climbs at 3 m/s. In the case of the Kursk : 30 seconds to reach the surface.

There, the man can inflate a small rubber boat, takes place in it and wait. This system can be operated up to 500 feet deep.

It is extremely surprizing that no man used this system. It is impossible that such rescue systems were not on board. In addition the Kursk owned a sophisticated rescue system : two small submarines, able to welcome the whole crew and to ensure the rescue at 2000 feet deep. But these two submarines were docked in the turret, the cockpit of the ship. So that this rescue system could have been blocked by the the explosion of the torpedo room. Anyway I cannot believe that the explosion could have blocked all the rescue doors.

After Michel C.the nuclear admiral Ship "Peter the First", after the drama did not come on the site of the wreck but moved away a several miles.

The international press said that "Russian did not own specialized devices to pick the crew from the submarine". If the Kursk had sunk at 2000 feet deep it would be plausible, not at such moderate depth. There must be another explanation.

About the cause of the wreck the press talked immediatly after of "a collision with another submarine". We new that a western submarine was docked in Norway to be repaired.

Some other informations from Michel C.

- The diameter of the tubes for torpedos was enlarged before the manoeuvres in the Barentz sea. These tubes were designed ti fire a new torpedo called "la Grosse" (in French). In English "The Big" or "The Fat".

- A riot took place in the Kursk. Some members of the crew were killed. The officer who kept the guns was found, after Kursk rescue, dead with a bullet in hi head.

- Three men were in the KURSK : a Chinese, an two Arabian.

- A paper was found in the pocket of a Kursk seaman. He wrote (in obscurity, he said) : "We are in the rescue chamber. Two officer try to handle the door. The said they know the system very well. But it seems to be locked.

Now we have to cross two new stories. In january 2001 I went to a scientific meeting in Brighton, England. There I met a specialist of MHD, in charge of special projects for Nasa. He said he worked 20 years ago on a high velocity MHD torpedo. I was suprized for I thaught that MHD was abandonned over all the world at the begining of the seventies. But he said that military MHD continued in US and USSR in secrecy, with considerable effort.

The technical data are the following. Since 30 years American and Russian have rocket propelled torpedos. The Russian model is the "Sqwal" and the American one is called "Supercav". The drag in water is much more important that if air, gases. The Sqwal and the Supercav blow hot gas, provided but a secondary rocket. This gas is injected in the water juts in front. The heat of this gas transforms sea water into vapor. Then the torpedo can move in such a bubble of vapor at higher velocities, up to 1500 knots.

MHD torpedos work differently. They are also propelled but solid propellent rocket. On the "divergent" of this rocket a MHD generator transforms the kinetic energy of the gaz into electricity. The system uses a wall MHD convertor. I can give the complete design of the torpedo, if desired.

This electricity is sent to the linear electrodes of a MHD wall accelerator which sucks the water very strongly. Then the friction drag is cancelled. The Velocity of the torpedo was, in 1980, after the American specialist I met : about 6000 knots.

In 2002 I put some information abour Kursk on my website. Then I was immediatly contacted by a man working for the French DGSE. We wanted more informations about this MHD torpedo. We met in Paris and "exchanged informations".

The guy of the DGSE said he had his informations from a part of the KGB who was against Poutine. He confirmed that a chinese and two Arabian was on board. He said they were bought on board by helicopter and that the Chinese was a general. If he confirmed the presence of the two Arabian he said he did not know more about them. The Russian, after him, had planned to show their Russian MHD torpedo in action, in order to sell it to Chinese.

These high velocity torpedoes are very important for strategic purpose for one can use these to destroy the ennemy's nuclear submarine before they could lanch their missiles. Without such torpedoes nobody can start a nuclear attack.

After this man the diameter of the torpedo was 1 meter. But the American Secret Service new all that. Then a western submarine approached the Kursk and ordered it by sonar to break surface and give them the chinese VIP. The Russian did not answer. As e conclusion the decision to sink the Kursk was taken.

Many submarines have been sunk since 1960 through "collisions". The attacking submarine does not fire a torpedo. It gets in close contact with its target and fires a shell, which punchs the subsmarine's hull. That was the first noise. Then the attacking submarine can escape. Few time after (the second noise) the weapon explodes insides the submarine which sunks immediatly.

But the torpedo room was only destroyed which made possible to explain the "accident" in terms of an accidental explosion of a torpedo.

The Russian did not want people to know what was going on abord the Kursk, before the "accident". After the man from French secret services a sonar order was sent by the Admiral ship "Peter the First", whick locked all doors of the submarine. A similar order cancelled all possibilities for communication with surface.

The Admiral ship said to all ships located around :

- The first which approaches de Kursk, we sink it !

Then the Russian tried to pick their VIP from aboard. A Russian specialized ship approached the Kursk with two small submarines aboard. One was put at sea and reached the wreck. Only 8 men could take place aboard. The idea was to pick the VIP. But the crew of the Kursk did not believe they would come back to save them. A riot occured. Men were killed. The small submarine went back to his mother ship and took place aboard.

Then Poutine decided to let the Krusk' crew to die. Secret affair.

Later the wreck was recovered, not to get the corpses but to hide this story. The torpedo chamber, with its 1 m large tubes was destroyed in depth. The MHD torpedoes were recovered. Many devices were recevered, including the propellers and the precious Granit supersonic missiles. The man of DGSE said that the Kursk was equiped by very secret weapons used to destroy attacking torpedos at distance.

I hope you will publish that. Truth must be known.


26.09.2003, 00:36

Es ist sehr traurig, das wir nie die Wahrheit ueber diese Katastrophe erfahren werden... viele Seeleute haben ihr Leben verloren, und ich trauere mit ihren Familien...
Das Schweigen, das darueber liegt, hat vielleicht einen furchtbaren Krieg verhindert... Politik ist manchmal so grausam und unmenschlich... ich hoffe nur, das die meisten
nicht lange leiden mussten... wir koennen es nicht mehr aendern, vergessen duerfen wir es aber nicht.... 10.09.2003, 05:3
Francesco Distefano
Dear unforgettable marvellous REBJATA KURSKA,every day I think how bad was with You Destiny and every day I feel that I LOVE YOU, I MISS YOU...and THE WHOLE RUSSIA LOVE YOU. Who write porno things in this page is a infamous PIG...he offends Your remember and kills You once more.That ofend Rusia and has not any right to feel himself Russian. TOLERANCE ZERO for those persons. Francesco
13.08.2003, 02:12
John Curlewis
On the 3rd anniversary of this tragic event - my heart goes out to all the submariners who lost their lives and their families left to grief. May God bless you all and may you rest in peace.
13.08.2003, 00:49
Even to this day in England, if i hear the name Kursk mentioned i remember those crew that perished within the submarine will always be remembered.
19.06.2003, 04:49
Please know that many of us pray for the men who died aboard the Kursk. We feel for and pray for the survivors, the children and wives who suffer still. Let us know what more might be done?
28.03.2003, 07:04
Rick USA California
Its a shame our governments cover up tragedies such as these to hide their mistakes. My condolences to the families of those soldies who did nothing but serve their country.

R. 26.02.2003, 12:05

Very tragic and may the family members of the lost men of the Kursk somehow find peace. I prayed when I heard the news and it is indeed one of the saddest events that I have ever heard of.
3.02.2003, 09:34
I have been troubled by the tragedy ever since it occurred and the way in which Russia's "leader" handled the situation. May those brave soldiers rest in peace.
1.02.2003, 07:17
26.01.2003, 11:22
Sadness still fills my heart when I hear the word Kursk, RIP. Dave, NE England 11.01.2003, 23:11

je tenais juste à me joindre à vous pour prier pour ses défunts héros et pour compatir avec les familles. Ce terrible évènement m'a marqué malgré la distance qui me sépare d'eux vu que je suis francais. J'espère sincèrement que les familles pourront bénéficier d'un procès pour mettre au clair toute cette sombre affaire et enfin pouvoir faire le deuil de leurs proches. Cette tragédie doit servir de leçon pour que plus JAMAIS des choses comme ca arrivent ... Il y a assez de misères dans ce monde donc nous nous devons d'éviter ce genre de catastrophe "humaine". Encore une fois toutes mes condonléances aux familles et que ces hommes reposent en paix.
18.12.2002, 12:36
My deepest sympathy goto the members of the Kursk and their family memebers!. R.I.P.
13.12.2002, 22:14
I'll always remember.
21.11.2002, 02:40
Cela fait maintenant plusieurs mois ... mais je repense à vous tous qui avez perdu des êtres aimés et je m'associe à votre douleur.
28.10.2002, 02:01
I have just seen a special programme on the Kursk Tragedy televised on Sky Digital thru the History Channel, and my sincere condolences go out to the Family and Friends, I am so surprised that your country can spend lots of Dollars on weapons of war, but plead poverty when it comes to paying their Soldiers,Sailors and Airmen realistic wages for the dangerous jobs that they do. Once again I am really sorry for your losses. Peace and Love. Barrie in the United Kingdom . August 2002.
13.08.2002, 12:52
Jim Caldo
there are no national boundries only the boundries of humanity. We offer our prayers to those who gave their lives for the good of their country and those left behind.May god be with you
27.07.2002, 00:19
Giuseppe Leppi
My condolences to the Families . God Bless You.
26.07.2002, 19:43
Una preghiera per i caduti e per i loro familiari.
26.07.2002, 17:39
slawa rossijskim morjakam - gerojam.
22.07.2002, 04:06
für alle Zeiten das Grab der Matrosen wird immer der Grund der See bleiben.
16.06.2002, 03:13
Lt. H. J. Halterman

In the wet,
A set where wasted sailors sleep
And I will not forget their names, nor what it took
For them to keep their minds
In times too much like war,
When hunters gently crept toward prey,
Unknowing of the depth until torpedo-swift surprise
Brought certain murdered knowledge to their eyes
And final drowning thoughts of sea.
As equally unknowing, we
Might know the contents of the fear
Of others, hunters on the way
Who swim along with us like sharks, so grey;
But as for now and until then

I crew with those who hunt for men.

13.06.2002, 05:08

Tears wept for fellow submariners...
30.05.2002, 23:59
In memoria di chi e'scomparso..perche' il ricordo rimarra' vivo sempre..
14.05.2002, 13:19
chanut frederic
c' est avec un certain retard mais avec le coeur lourd en repensant à ce tragique evenement que je compatie à vos douleurs ainsi qu'à celle des familles que dieu vous garde
15.04.2002, 02:43
Devant le drame du Koursk, les mots sont faibles et je m'associe a la douleur des familles ainsi qu'a tout la Grande Russie devant ce terrible drame. Paix a leur ames...
28.03.2002, 21:57
A Seidel
Mein Beileid an alle, die auf der Kursk Familienmitglieder, Freunde oder Kameraden verloren. Wir haben schon selber einmal fast ein U-Boot durch Kollision mit einer englischen Fregatte verloren, es ist ein sehr gefährlicher Beruf. Ich respektiere alle, die ihn ausführen.
22.01.2002, 22:02
A girl from Sverige
"Man inser inte hur mycket man älskar något, förrän det är borta..." (You dont know how much you love something until it's gone...) The thing what happened to Kursk and its crew got stuck in my heart. Great memorysite you have here! 4.01.2002, 22:23

Alexandar Keppler
My favorite author once said, "This is to the families, friends, and loved ones of submariners, who return that love, as well as their love of God and their country, by going down in into the sea in steel boats"-Tom Clancy. God Bless you, Spasibo.
15.11.2001, 06:45
Esli kto mozhet prishlite mne na E-mail adress gde mozhno nayti fotografii poselka Vidaevo.Zaranie spasibo.
6.11.2001, 20:55
Esli kto mozhet prishlite mne na E-mail adress gde mozhno nayti fotografii poselka Vidaevo. Zaranie spasibo.
6.11.2001, 20:53
F. Soublette
Je vous écris de l´autre bout du monde souhaitant soulagement pour les familles de marins.
Les escribo del otro lado del mundo, Chile en AMérica del Sur, deseando ánimo a las familias que han pedido sus padres, hermanos e hijos en esta tragedia.
Salud y viento a un largo, que es el saludo amrinero en Chile. 25.10.2001, 22:22

Meinen Respekt der Crew und der Familien.
23.10.2001, 16:12

Je n'ai pu reproduire que les textes qui étaient en catactères latins. Tout le cyrillique a sauté, évidemment.

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