I have a doubt About "Disclosure"

2003 march the 13 th. Completed on march 19 th

In 2001 I read through Dr Steven Greer's powerful declaration, a French version of which can be found on the following website:


A French volunteer had previously translated the original English text..

Greer expounds his claims: The Americans would have managed to understand numerous UFO-related mysteries and would now be intentionally withholding this technical -scientific knowledge from the world, thus preventing the beginning of a golden age on this earth. The discoveries withheld would in particular concern new sources of unlimited and not-polluting energy, allowing humankind to get rid of constraints linked to fossil and nuclear fuels. ( Disclosure means revelation )

The original text seems to be asking people involved in black programs to come forward and to share their knowledge with the world. All this is supported by some rather shallow testimonies coming from retired government officials.

In 2001, Greer changes his strategy, founds his own company

Space Energy Access Systems
PO Box 265
Crozet, VA 22932
Phone: 540-456-8302
Fax: 540-456-8303

and starts searching for the discovery of the new millennium, this new energy source capable of solving all problems of our planet.

In January 2003, he gives a spectacular radio interview broadcast all over the US.A summary of its main points is following:

March 19 th . Message from Dr Jean-Pierre Petit, France, to Debbie Foch, webmaster of the disclosure project. 1

Dear Debbie,

In France, we are very surprized by your long silence. I have sent an important file to Disclosure before Christmas. No answer.

What is exactly Disclosure ?

If the fabulous invention mentioned by Dr Greer is nothing but a hoax all the project will collapse. But wasn't be planed ?

An hypothesis :

1 - Greer presents his claims in his website. He affirms his intention to fight with courage against authorities, in order to reveal truth.
2 - His efforts begins to look like a simple marketing operation.
3 - Then Greer searches "new energies"
4 - He finds rapidly a fabulous invention, converting vacuum energy into enectricity. The inventor is not a physicist but "a man who has a good feeling about electromagnetism".
5 - The invention turns to be a hoax.
6 - Greer is disqualified.
7 - Later, when another effort will be done in order to fight against cover-up policy people will say "same stuff. The things will turn like in Greer's story".

To sum up : is Disclosure a disinformation operation ?

Sincerely yours             Dr Jean-Pierre Petit

March 19 th The answer of Debbie Foch :

Dear Jean-Pierre,

Of course Disclosure is not a disinformation operation.

We only have a small core group of people working on this as mainly volunteers, and are very overloaded with work. At this time, Dr. Greer is focussing on the energy project, with the rest of the SEAS science team.

There is nothing to report to the public yet on this. When there is, we will tell everyone.

Please do not assume failure or hoax. That is not our goal or intent.

If you wish to send your materials on your research directly to Dr. Greer, you may mail them to him at:

Dr. Steven Greer
PO Box 265
Crozet VA 22932

My answer :

Dear Debbie

If Disclosure is not a disinformation operation, then just prove it. Greer must have some personal e-mail. Give it to me. You have the work. Print it and send it to him.
> We only have a small core group of people working on this as mainly volunteers, and are very overloaded with work. At this time, Dr. Greer is focussing on the energy project, with the rest of the SEAS science team.

What is this team where no physicist can examine a solid work, well-built. Who are you, all ? Jokers ?
> There is nothing to report to the public yet on this.

Why don't report about my work ? It's real, it's well constructed. It refers to very important problems : US black programs. We thaught that Greer was searching this kind of stuff. Frankly, what kind of a game do you play ? I want an answer. A quick one.

So, they are two possibilities. Either Disclosure is a disinformation, either it's driven by incompetent, inefficient persons. We wonder what is the worse eventuality, really.

Dr. Jean-Pierre Petit

March 20. Message from Debbie Foch, webmaster of Disclosure

our current work for Disclosure is the alternative energies that are NOT in the covert/black projects. When we get the attention of the media and the government, we will then be able to move forward with the rest of Disclosure.


March 20 th , my answer :

Dear Debbie,

This new position contradicts S.Greer initial positions. We don't believe you. We don't believe in this "new energie". We think this is nothing but a hoax.
In practice Disclosure will work like a disinformation operation.

Two possibilities :

1 - Greer was informed since the begining and is an accomplice of this disinformation operation
2 - Greer is a sucker

The future will rapidly clear up this story. I gamble my shirt that this fantastic invention, converting vacuum energy into electricity ,will rapidly collpase. Nothing solid will come from.

Anyway there was no reason to do not publish the important informations I sent to Dosclosure about US black programs and hypersonic MHD US aiplanes. Your scientific team had enough time to evaluate my job. If they were not competent to evaluate it, it means that their knowledge in physics and electromagnetism was insufficient, and it means that they are not able to evaluate anything.

Just publish my fil in you website immediatly. People must be informed. We have wasted too much time

Disclosure program is definitively not clear at all and we will say it to people.

- Either your are all suckers, including Dr Greer
- Either you work for CIA

Dr. Jean-Pierre Petit

Transcript of Dr. Steven Greer's Interview
on Coast to Coast AM Radio with George Noory
January 30/31 2003


George Noory (GN): Tonight, this hour, we're going to talk about Zero Point Energy. Welcome, Dr. Greer. How are you today?

Steven Greer (SG): I'm fine, thank you. How are you?

GN: Good. Always a pleasure. Zero Point Energy. Is there an organization or an individual actually working on this?

SG: Well, we are of course. I'm not so sure it's really zero point energy. Some would say it's the quantum vacuum flux field energy. There are a lot of people with different theories about it. But as you know, we have formed a group called Space Energy Access Systems, which is a company that is in the process of identifying and testing technologies, machines, devices that claim to - put simply - put out more energy and electric power than we have to put into it, which of course, supposedly cannot be done, but in fact it can be. The reason I'm speaking with you tonight is that we have apparently - and I'm going to qualify my words very carefully here --


SG: But it appears that we have found such a "Holy Grail"-type device, a very serious invention held by an inventor. My scientific advisor and the board of directors of this group - our group - have recently done an onsite inspection and testing of this system and I can tell you that, except for some of the extraterrestrial devices in UFOs that I've seen, this is the most astounding material object I've ever seen in my life. And that's saying something.

So the reason I am speaking about this at this very early stage of its discovery is that the millions of people listening tonight are our protection. Those of you who are listening to this should tell everyone they know that this is a thing coming down the path. It is our intention to protect this system, get it tested, get it perfected, get it out to the public and terminate the need for gas and oil and coal and start an entirely new sustainable civilization on this planet, and that is long overdue. It could have happened probably fifty years ago or more. But it's now time for us to do it as a people. The people who are hearing this for the first time need to understand that I have considered carefully whether or not to even talk about it at this stage, but we felt for security reasons it's very important to talk about this.

If the testing and development of this holds up, it will be the single most important scientific breakthrough in the history - the recorded history - of the human race, and that is not an overstatement.

Let me describe what I saw, if you have a moment.

GN: Sure, and tell me how big it is, Steven.

SG: It's not very big at all! I picked it up - you can pick it up with one hand. Took it out actually on a sidewalk. This device gathered, very passively, less than one watt of power from the environment - I won't say how it was done, I'm not allowed to at this point - and the machine started up. It generated hundreds of watts of power in usable form, actually running, and we were astonished to see this. We hooked this up ourselves, so it was no mystery about it. We even selected the things to hook up to this thing. It ran a 300-watt light bulb, a 100-watt light bulb, a stereo and an oscillating fan with an electric motor, all at the same time with literally no artificial manmade input of power. So, this is of course an extraordinary scientific breakthrough. The inventor certainly deserves to get the next Nobel prize, or the one that would be awarded after this is fully tested by the scientific community, if indeed what we see holds up.

Now I have to say, our criteria - those who are familiar with our search for this, and we've been doing this for some years because we know that they're not traveling through interstellar space using Exxon Jet-A fuel.

GN: Right!

SG: And we know that these technologies could run our planet without pollution, without poverty, and without any more oil wars forever. So, you know, when we began to look for this, our criteria was that the inventor had to be sane and rational enough to allow it to be transparently vetted or tested, and in fact, this person was exactly that kind of very brilliant, humble, realistic man who allowed us to transparently see this device - look at it in its entirety. There were no hidden power sources. As I said, it could be picked up and taken outside and put on the sidewalk, and there it ran! And this is something obviously which could be put in every home, in every car and every industry and would enable the world to leave the era of want and war and enter an era of abundance and peace for as long as we want to create it. So this potentially is one of the greatest breakthroughs I've ever seen. And one of the things I'm so grateful for is that, you know, we have heard of these things coming and going in the time of Tesla, in the time of Floyd Sweet, in the time of T. Henry Moray, and others, but to actually stand in the presence of a man who could build such a circuit and see it run. If I had to go to my grave tomorrow, at least I would know that such a thing was possible, which shines an enormous ray of hope into the world of humanity as we apparently march off to the next oil war.

So, I think that it's a very significant breakthrough. However, it's preliminary. We are requiring that - we have an agreement with the inventor to have a more robust version of this device made in the coming month or two. It will then go through further research and development and reproduceability studies, meaning we must be able to independently reproduce the effects. It will then be tested in at least three independent government and university labs which we have already pre-selected for their honesty and cooperation, and when all those ducks are lined up and we are certain of what we have - I'm telling you this now in a preliminary way - it will then be massively disclosed to the world in what has to be regarded as one of the most important scientific announcements in our time.

GN: Very good. Is this person, Steven - if you can tell me - is he a physicist by any chance?

SG: Um - no. Well, I guess anyone dealing with this kind of energy would be a type of physicist, but not a formally trained physicist. This is somebody who is what you would consider an innate genius in this area and since childhood had a very deep, almost intuitive knowledge of electromagnetism, electrical circuits and things of this sort.

GN: One of Albert Einstein's protégés many years ago, his name was John Wheeler, once said about this kind of energy that in the volume of a cup of coffee there is enough energy to evaporate all of the world's oceans. It's that powerful and could provide that much energy to the world and if you are able --

SG: If you can harness it, yeah.

GN: Yeah, I was just going to say, if you can harness it - my gosh, you're going to save humanity!

SG: Well, this is why I'm talking to you. I returned from this trip, … and I wanted to be very very clear that this information got out …because I have to tell you that this is the sort of thing that people have unfortunately in the past been absorbed into operations where these technologies have been suppressed. People have been murdered, people have been imprisoned, people have had these things bought out only to sit on the black shelf at a major corporation.

GN: Mm Hmm.

SG: That is not a conspiracy theory. We can prove this in a court of law that this has happened over and over again. And the reason that we are moving quickly to let the world know that this exists is that the ultimate shield against that happening is two things: Number one - my absolute assurance that I will take a bullet before I will let this be suppressed, and number two - that there is no amount of money, that you cannot put enough zeros after a one, to buy us out and keep this thing from getting out to the public. In addition to that, the public needs to understand if anything is to happen to this prospect that is a suppressive effort, that they should absolutely, if they have to, march in the streets to see that it is released again. This is the time for this nonsense, where these sorts of inventions have been suppressed and where humanity has been left basically in a state of downward spiral of poverty and pollution and what have you. We simply have to reverse that trend.

And of course, you're taking on a five trillion dollar global energy and utility and transportation sector that deals with fossil fuels. But it is really time for that era to close and for another era to open. Even as the President said in his State of the Union address after 9-11, it is a national security imperative that we become energy independent.

GN: Absolutely!

SG: And there's no question that the situation we're facing around the world today and the vulnerability of so many nations is related to our unnecessary addiction and dependence on fossil fuels - oil, coal, things of this sort. And these technologies, which have been so long suppressed, they're almost legendary. But I have to tell you, the other important thing - and anyone technical listening to this will know what I'm talking about - we have seen in the last few years a number of devices that looked very promising, but they don't put out energy in a form that's usable. This thing, if you can imagine as I've described it operating, put out energy at 60 hertz, 110 volts, correct amperage, ran whatever we wanted to plug into it and did so for as long as we left it to do so. Now this is something which, in all my experience going all over the world studying this, I have never witnessed anything like this!

We can see no explanation in the way of a hoax for this and the scientist is completely without guile, honest, straightforward and it was an honor to be with this person. I felt like I was in the presence of someone like Tesla as I saw this person work and to see my science advisor, Dr. Ted Loder, who is a tenured professor of science at the University of New Hampshire, there working beside the man who very openly showed everything and let everything be hooked up by our scientific team. It was just an extraordinary experience and I just hope and I pray and I hope others will be praying with us that we can be guided aright to get this out as quickly as possible to a world that, at this virtually the twelfth hour, certainly needs to find some way of living on this planet without cannibalizing the Earth that sustains us.

GN: Steven, I sense this air of immediacy coming from you. Have you or has this inventor been threatened at all about this?

SG: No, not at all, and the reason we haven't is that immediately, I have moved this into some very high circles. I mean, you know we have in our network - in the Disclosure Project network and in the corporate entity, the Space Energy Access Systems, which by the way, the website for that is seaspower.com. We have access to virtually anyone of significance in the world today. I mean, literally not six degrees of separation, not really one degree of separation, and we are beginning to notify the correct people that such a thing exists. It would be very very difficult, with me talking on this show tonight and with the phone calls we've made this week, quite frankly, for this thing to disappear. So we have not received those threats.

Remember, in 2001, we had over a hundred military and intelligence witnesses and their testimony put out in book and video form and many of them with top secret SDI-TK clearances, holding very sensitive information. Not a single one of them were ever visited and told to be quiet and the reason they haven't is because we have strategically created security around what we're doing such that it would be extremely dangerous for that group to do that. However, the reason I feel it very important for the public to know this, and everyone listening needs to refer this show to their friends - very important because I think that people need to understand that the kinds of operations that have kept these things secret do so only in the shadows. They cannot do it in a spotlight shining on them. They function only like vampires in the dark shadows and in the darkness of night. And if we put this thing out into the light and the people understand what it's worth to the future of humanity and to our children's children's children, the people will not let it be suppressed again.

GN: All right, Steven. Stay with us because I want to chat with you a little bit about how this kind of energy actually works and how soon you think in terms of it being a reality, could get into households. I'm George Noory. Stick with me. This is Coast to Coast A.M.

(Commercial break)

GN: Welcome back to Coast to Coast. I'm George Noory with Dr. Steven Greer. Steven, because of your heavy involvement in really defining proof of extraterrestrial existence, and what you know, what are the possibilities that this individual who has invented this apparatus might have reverse-engineered it from some source up there?

SG: Zero.


SG: Yeah, I'm very confident that's not the case. In fact, that's one of the criteria we have is that the pedigree, or intellectual property pathway, has to be clean so that it can safely be brought out to the public without the risk of it being legitimately held back by some interests. In this case, I have high confidence that this is a clean pedigree. And, what's more, that the technology is extraordinarily simple. Now, of course, I guess the genius in all simple things is to understand how to do it. And I don't pretend to know that. This is - I tell people - I remember when I was at the Pentagon doing a briefing for the head of the Defense Intelligence Agency I said, you know, "I'm just a country doctor here in Virginia."

GN: (chuckles)

SG: And you know, really, I don't pretend to be a physicist or theoretician. We have some very good people who are and who would understand that better, but I can certainly say that this particular inventor, I think that there is zero chance that he discovered this from anything other than his own ability to experiment - the good old fashioned empirical scientific method - and came up with this after many many years of looking into it. But the astonishing thing is the relative simplicity of it. I know that this device had to have weighed less than twenty pounds, that it was small, no more than a foot to foot and a half in diameter. We could see straight through it, see all the components of it, no hidden battery or energy sources and it operated as I described it. So, this of course meets the criteria of what we've been looking for and wanting to get protected in our network and get it disseminated and secured and out to the public, we hope at least in terms of it being in a form that would be very stable and functioning and easy to use. If not commercially available, at least something that would be disclosable and transportable to any scientific lab. We hope to have that done in the next few months and known by the public certainly this year and hopefully mid-year. So again, it's hard to say. This is a very very early stage of an important and rather rigorous process on our part, but we're going to go with all due speed.

GN: Why would you rule out its - I don't want to say authenticity - but its use within your organization if something did come from extraterrestrial technologies? So what? If you can get it, and harness it, and use it. What's wrong with that?

SG: Oh no, that would be fine, but if it has been ripped off out of a government lab or out of a classified project....

GN: Ah, I get it!

SG: Which are the ones who are doing all that work, George. We wouldn't want to - we really at this stage wouldn't want to deal with that. Although, because I believe those projects are unconstitutional and illegal, one could probably make the legal case. But it would be an encumbered and difficult pathway and this is why we have been searching for what I call a clean or virginal pathway for these technologies, and indeed this is what I believe we have found. Again, I'm sharing this information very early. Some have said that I shouldn't even be discussing it at this stage. However, I think that for security reasons there's safety in numbers. The thing that has had made most of these inventors disappear and most of these efforts disappear are their obscurity. And so, Coast to Coast A.M. is providing a very important service to humanity by letting the people know about this.

GN: Well, when I was talking to Producer Lisa today, she said, "George, I've talked to Steven before, but I've never heard him this immediate, this energized, where he felt he had to say something and say it now." So I said, "All right, let's set it up. Let's get him on!"

SG: Yeah. No, this was something that was just so astonishing and I have to tell you that I felt like we were walking through history as we saw this thing functioning, and the implications of it - if I can just sort of, in a thumbnail sort of sketch, give you the implications of this. Imagine having free energy so that you could desalinate all the water you need to for agriculture and for returning these vast areas of the Earth that have become desert that used to be lush, could be returned to their original condition. Imagine being able to manufacture things with no cost for the energy component, no fuel costs. Imagine the poverty that could be eliminated and the disease and suffering. Most death and suffering into the world is because basic sanitation, clean water, refrigeration, etc., is not available. This can change all that without building multi-billion dollar power plants with transmission lines. Imagine civilizations that do not have electrification now. Just like people went from having no land line phones to having cell phones, they could go from having no power lines to having these devices in their villages and their areas where they could then have a growing level of prosperity and abundance. All the studies have shown that when civilizations move into greater abundance, and with that greater educational opportunity, that the birth rates go down remarkably from ten or eleven per woman down to two or three. So the Malthusian dilemma of all these teeming large populations booming areas and poverty could be corrected. I mean the implications of this are just enormous. In addition, we know that all manufacturing effluent is largely related to the high cost of energy. We have had -- Buckminster Fuller and Archibald MacLeash told me back many years ago in the early seventies, that we already have the technologies to scrub to zero pollution all the manufacturing processes, but they use so darn much electricity that it became a point of diminishing return because the energy sources we were using were polluting.

GN: Of course.

SG: So, In this case, where the energy source is clean and non-polluting and free, you could scrub everything to completely and virtually no pollution into the environment. So you're talking about the ability to literally transform the way humans live on the Earth and therefore lay a real foundation for living together peacefully and eventually going out in space together peacefully. So --

GN: Just, just -- go ahead, Steven.

SG: Yes, I mean, so these are the sorts of implications of this kind of breakthrough. Of course, as people say, there will be winners and losers. Well, 99.999 % of humanity will be the winners. The Earth will be the winner. Our children's children's children will be the winners. Now there are people who have very key interests in the fossil fuel area and this is not to be trivialized. But I think that our goal is to do this in a way that would protect and empower those segments by having them have some kind of a cushion as these technologies are phased in and the old smokestack technologies are phased out. This can certainly be done if we're wise about it and if the current holders of the existing technologies are wise in allowing the transition to happen in an orderly fashion.

GN: Tuesday, George Bush in his State of the Union address was pushing for the use of hydrogen fuel in cars, which is something I've been jumping up and down for, for years now. But, one of the problems today with the hydrogen fuel is to generate the kind of electricity in order to generate the hydrogen.

SG: That's right.

GN: And that has been a serious problem, so my two-fold question - my question two-fold is will your zero point energy concept - would that work directly in automobiles or could you use it to create the electricity to make the hydrogen for the cars?

SG: Well, the answer is both. In other words, you already have two hundred million cars on the road in America, and six hundred and some million in the world. Those are using oil and gas. The ideal thing to do initially - because most people are not going to yank the engine out of their car and buy a multi-thousand dollar engine.

GN: No, they can't afford it.

SG: So what you want to do is use this free energy to have a way of cracking the hydrogen off of water and then have that hydrogen run the cars. I have just met with an inventor who has a fuel injector that you can screw into where your spark plug goes and the car will run on hydrogen! So this technology would allow that to be feasible what the President called for. So the existing internal combustion cars and trucks could be converted to clean burning hydrogen until such time that all the cars that are made come out with a purely electric propulsion system that would be running off of this generator. So I think that, you know, this can be done. Again, we intend to get this information, when we have the final scientific reports in a few months, to the President and to his inner circle. We certainly can get access to that. And I think that this would be an important thing for the National Security Council, the aspect of it that deals with economic security and energy issues, to know about because there's no question. I mean, whether you're on the left or the right, or whatever, everyone acknowledges today that it is in the long term, and even short term interest of the United States to wean ourselves off of this addictive black gold known as oil. And I think that the sooner that can be done, the sooner we can move on to a new and more hopeful phase in our history.

GN: Zero Point energy results from the principals of quantum mechanics, which has to do with the physics of subatomic phenomena. Would you explain that for us so that most of us can understand just what we're talking about here?

SG: Well, as I understand it, if you look at the space around us, not outer space, just the space in the room where you're sitting. That space and the structure of space and the actually fundamental level at which matter and energy is fluxing out of some very potent field of energy. That's in some type of a sort of homeostasis. And what these technologies do is that it sort of perturbs the homeostasis enough to tap into that baseline energy or that energy that's in the quantum vacuum, some would call it, that's around us, that matter and energy are sort of fluxing in and out of and can tap into it and it's almost like pulling energy out of a reservoir of energy that's there all the time but isn't in a form that can actually be used. What these systems do is tap into that energy and in the case of the device that we saw, actually converts it into usable controlled energy on demand, which was the astonishing thing. I have to admit I have seen some other "over unity" systems where there's more energy coming out than put in, but it was in a form that was not electric power that was easily usable or convertible and therefore wasn't really immediately practical and in some cases people were estimating upwards of fifteen million dollars to get it into a form and an access form that this brilliant inventor had in this very simple system that you could literally pick up with one hand and carry out on a sidewalk and turn things on with. So I think that there's such an enormous body of information on this. If you look, there's a new almost thousand page book that Dr. Tom Bearden has put out that's almost encyclopedic in the information on this and he sent me a copy of it. I'm very grateful to him for that and I encourage people to get it if they have the stomach to go through the details. But I think that many people, as I said, Dr. Gene Mallove, Tom Valone, and many people, have studied this and have written about the fact that this has happened and have done sort of an ethnography of this where they've studied where there have been a whole culture of scientists over the last hundred years who have in fact discovered this and have invented devices that worked like this, but they have all met some terrible fate out of, of course, the big special interests and cartels that would like to keep us all metered to the public utility companies and to the gas pumps and while that's certainly understandable, it's no big surprise that people of vast economic and power and geopolitical interests would do such things. We're at the point now that it cannot go forward any further without jeopardizing the entirety of the human future.

GN: How long had your inventor been working on this project?

SG: Seven years.

GN: That's not bad! That's not bad in R & D [research and development]. Did he ever explain to you why this revelation came to him? Why he decided to do this?

SG: Well, this is an individual who has had a passion for electromagnetism and electricity since apparently age seven. By age ten was taking things apart and coming up with just extraordinary innovative little inventions all on his own, as a ten year old person - child. And now, of course, put his focus on this and also did study the - very carefully the study of the early greats like Tesla and Faraday and Maxwell and what have you. And in fact, apparently, between that knowledge and his own experimentation, intuition, insight - a gift if you want to call it - was able to devise this system. I have to say we were stunned.

I know that three of the members of our board of directors were there, and one of them is a very successful businessman who was just completely in a state of - stunned - because of the implications of this thing. Because this particular businessman was telling me how he spends two hundred and fifty thousand dollars a year just in electric utility bills for his business and I went "My god in heaven! I would like to make that much as a doctor!"

He said, "Yes, that's just my electric utility bill."

I said, "Oh my gosh. Imagine what that would do!" And this person is not General Motors, of course, but what … efficiency it could add to our civilization and the cost reduction it could bring to manufacturing and the ability for each home to have its own - even micro-agricultural greenhouse where you have a computer controlled delivery of water, heat, and what have you, under controlled circumstances. The energy would be free. You could, almost in any climate, have and grow organically almost anything you would need. The rate-limiting thing to most of these developments is the high cost of energy and the very polluting forms of energy. If you change that equation you fundamentally change the way humans live on Earth.

GN: Now realistically, Steven, if you had no obstacles, and you're going to have some, but if you didn't have any, when do you think you might be able to get something like this to market, or at least to a practical test phase?

SG: A practical test phase - we're shooting for two to three months, and out to then a manufacturable prototype after the test phase, perhaps a year or so, and then after that to market. We hope that by the first quarter or mid-2004 these can be made available. Now, of course, we don't know what we're going to encounter and when you get into these sorts of engineering issues you may run into all kinds of disappointments and so I'm speculating here, but this is our intention and we intend to be able to do that. And remember, there are many applications for this. Imagine if you had a power up system for satellites so that you didn't have them failing in their power or having solar panels that had micro-meteorites damaging them, you could extend the life of satellites and save an enormous amount of money. If you had these things, these sort of power systems eventually could be in every appliance so that every appliance wouldn't even need to be plugged in. Eventually you could have construction so homes wouldn't even have wiring. Every lamp and every appliance could have its own power source. This thing is efficient and miniaturizable, if there is such a word - so that you could do this and you would be able to have everything that is made have its own power source and it would completely change the way architecture and construction takes place. Of course the list just goes on and on, but our goal is to be able to do this at least in a generation one stable, usable system, certainly within a year to year and a half. I would like to think sooner, but knowing how things happen in the world, I think it could very well be that long or a bit longer. I would caution we don't want to take too much longer. We are going to be very aggressively capitalizing this, putting the funds into this, so that that can be done and we can collapse the timeframe because, frankly, Tom Bearden and I were discussing this one time just before we were meeting with members of, doing a briefing for, the staff of the senate environment committee. He said that if these new technologies don't begin to roll off of the conveyor belt like sausages by the first quarter, or some time around that, of 2004, given the fact that the biosphere is being so strained, given the geopolitical tensions, we may simply just be out of time. So, I think it's a stroke before midnight and we really need to make this project succeed. I hope that this technology holds up to the scrutiny. I can't say that at this point. I can say that the onsite testing was extremely promising and I'm hopeful that it will hold up to reproduceability studies and to the scientific analysis that are required in our society and which our team requires, so that will be done in the next few months and we will hope for the best.

GN: All right. And you're still going to continue to follow up with your Disclosure Project, I'm sure.

SG: Yes, this is the first part of it and in fact this is one of the big disclosures. Remember, UFOs are secret not because people are so afraid so much of extraterrestrials but because UFOs themselves are running off of energy and propulsion systems that would replace the need for oil and gas. So, the secrecy has been mostly out of greed, not out of a security.

GN: Very good. Thanks Steven. Keep us in touch! Dr. Steven Greer. Just go to my website and link up to his. He has two websites disclosureproject(.org) and seaspower(.com)…

End of hour

I had tried to get in touch with him, before he disclosed his sensational information.

From Dr Jean-Pierre Petit (France) to Steven Greer december 2 nd 2002

Dear Sir,

I belong to the french CNRS (Centre National de la rechercheScientifique). I am 65 and I am "Directeur de Recherche". I attended in 1958-1961 the french aeronautical School (Ecole Nationale Superieure de m'Aeronautique de Paris). Then I worked as a test engineer on solid propellent rockets (missiles for submarines)

1965 I join the french research and build MHD convertors (many years before they would become the main sources of electrical power for battle space

1972 : Astrophysicist, theoretical cosmology, geometry.

I wrote 32 books.

That's for my curiculum vitae. In 1975 I started to be interested in MHD propulsion and published several papers on the subject. I directed a phd thesis on shock wave cancellation par Lorentz force field action. This was evidently closely related to ufo's technology. Papers in international MHD meetings (Moscow 1983, Tsukuba, Japan, 1987, Pekin, China, 1990).

I am close to publish a book, at the very begining of 2003 (january) whose title is "UFOS and secret US weaponnery". I think the content of this book brings elements related to what you say in the disclosure project. I explain. In 2001 I attended an international meeting devoted to advanced propulsion.There I met US scientists involved in black programs, like Aurora. At the end of the meeting what I learned there completed my own conslusion on the subject. I will try to resume that as briefly as I can.

- I was told there that US got some "unconventional" ship in Roswell, 1947. This ship was not designed to cruise from a star to another star. It was just an hypersonic shuttle. For uncleared reasons this ship crashed on ground and was recovered by the US army. Immediatly this bought to the US official the absolute proof that ufos were vehicules coming from other planets. The goverment decided to try to pick technology from that and to desinform other countries. That is for a great care was bought to show the ufo suject as insane and ridiculous. This p‡olitic is still active in Europe. The goal was to use alien technology to make new weapons and only that
(...). At the begining of the seventies they began to understand that MHD (Magneto Hydro Dynamics) had something to do with ufos. It does not make an interstellar travel possible but corresponds to shuttle flight, for example. Then the american decided to develop MHD in deep secrecy, while the succeded to convice other countries that such technics could not bring very interesting things. They let civil MHD (oriented towards electricity production) starving and finally it died. At the same time they developped MHD torpedo, for example. I went in USA in 1984 and attended some MHD international (civil) meeting. There, the atmosphere was quite sad. People claimed their goverment were definitively not interested in MHD. I remember a guy named Solbes, working with Kerrebrock, who said, when he saw me :

- Gentlemen, may I present to you a man who still believe in MHD projects...

and he laughed. But in secrecy the first military applications were already operational. In 2001 I was told in England that the US MHD torpedo
cruised at 1000 knots in ... 1980. Now its velocity is close to 1500 knots. Very few people know that this weapon is a reality. I know how it is designed and if
this corresponds to yout disclosure project I can describe it and give all desired technical details.

At the begining of 1990 the americain started to test the spy aircraft "Aurora". This is an extraordinary machine and if you have some place for that (does disclosure have a website ? ) I can send you all details about Aurora. This is an hypersonic machine. it takes off by its own, with ordinary turbofans. Then it climbs and cruises at supersonic velocity, up to Mach three. At such velocity and altitude the air inlet which is located down is closed. The supersonic air is driven through another inlet, located on the flat top of the machine. Before the air entry : a wall MHD generator. The gaz is slowed down, compressed but not heated. This transformation is
achieved without creation of a shock wave. So that this compressed air can be admitted in a ... normal turbofan, mixed with kerozen, and so on. The electric power produced by the wall generator is directed to a wall accelerator located juste behind the outlet of the motor (four units).An additional thrust is bought. They call it "MHD bypass".

The so-called Hall effect gives high voltage. An electric discharge creates a plasma which protects the leading edge, working like a protecting cushion. In such configuration, Aurora gets a 100,000 ft altitude and 6000 knots velocity. It flies as a "wave rider", surfing on its own shock wave. Then an additional thrust given by rocket transforms it into a low altitude spy satellite. The re-rentry process is operated using wall MHD convertor to transform kinetic energy into electricity, moderate heat and radiation. Aurora can take off and land by its own. Aurora is directly derived from the carefull study of the Roswell machine. The Russian had the same project, called "Ajax", but not enough money.

On another hand the B2 are not the "real ones". The machine that are shown to people are nothing but delusions. The "real B2" fly only by night. Their technology is different. They fly at 100,000 feet and 6000 knots but do not create shock waves. They can take off from US, fly to antipodes, drop bombs and come back in a night. As Aurora they are completely surrounded by a plasma and are full Stealth machines. I can describe these machines too. I talk about all that in my book and
if you have somebody who can read french I can sent one book to you in january.

At the middle of the sixties American discovered new sources of energy. The discovered that by accident, operating underground nuke tests in Nevada. The goal was to compress material by "magnetic compression" ( a system invented by Andrei Sakharov in 1952). In the sixties Sakharov got 25 megabars with simple chemical explosive. The US military decided to use a "small fission bomb", but the result was fairly different. The pressure was so high that they synthetized a certain amount of antimatter. Later they discovered how to store this antimatter, un magnetic bottles. These are the source of energy of a new kind of machine, disk-shapped, propelled by MHD, which can cruise at Mach ten at low altitude. It is the "perfect hypersonic cruise missile" that no rocket can put down.

They can store antimatter un cristals (electrostatic confinment) and have produced billions of "bucky balls", as large as an egg, including its thermal shield for re-rentry. Power : 40 tons of TNT. This power is so small that they can... be used (no nuclear winter !). The American have produced enough of such bombs that the could destroy a country as large as China. They tested bigger antimatter bombs on othert planets. In such weapons antimatter is not stored in the bomb but synthetized by compression when the bomb hits the target.

They developped high specific impulse MHD accelerators, used for space propulsion. All the solar system was explored in secrecy.

This is weaponnery, but if that was used for pacific purpose that would be this fantastic source of energy that would "put flowers in deserts". All was derived for military purpose.

By the way if ones has antimatter he owns enough energy to make transmitations and produce any kind of atom he wants, from the nitrogen of the air or from the stones of the roads. Aliens have no industrial productions. Any object can be copied, transformed in many copies, through this technique. That's for they are not interested in our materials and "treasures".

This leads to antigravity systems. We know how they work. It is probably différent from that you can imagine. Presently American search how build interstellar vehicules. That's for they came at this international workshop.

I think you are true. They have destroyed ufos with energy beams. All this is not controlled. We are close to face a "Space Folamour effect".

I am ready to say all that I know. It is up to you. You just say how and where. I hope other scientists will do the same. They must do it.

We have had some contacts with aliens, since 20 years, from time to time. Generally they sent simple letters. Sometimes, rarely, there were short physical contacts. But this is not the most important. They wrote me in 1991 that we must achieve disclosure.I read yout text as some sort of call. In answer no matter is the risk for me. We were trying to set up an organized group in France, but it is hard. People don't care. We have understood since many years that the only goel of french officials was to build weapons. See the Cometa report, which has been translated in English.

I give you my website : http://www.jp-petit.com

and I wait your answer.

I was then contacted by the webmaster of Dr Greer's website, a lady called Debbie Foch. I offered to provide her with more detailed information and she accepted enthusiastically..
( Please find enclosed the French version of what I sent him before Christmas 2002 ). Please take a look at the following text to see what I sent him.


    Open Letter from a group of French scientists to the Initiator of the Disclosure Project.


We are a group of French scientists. We have read Dr. Greer's text on the Disclosure Web site and have been impressed by his remarks. We are convinced, as he is, that certain nations, and chiefly the US, have been able to derive from the UFO files, from crashed UFO retrievals and from possible contacts with aliens, information which has led to entirely new scientific knowledge. We shall farther discuss the assessment of developments achieved on the basis of these information. The question is : "how far have they reached ?". We hold accurate information about the American black programs linked with hypersonic planes, be it the satellisable Aurora spy craft or a hypersonic long range bomber for which the B2 is but a cover-up. Technical data in our possession allow us, in this particular case, to sustain our assertions. These technologies were directly derived from the analysis of the wreck retrieved at Roswell, which was a hypersonic space shuttle and not an interstellar vehicle. We deplore the fact that this reverse engineering has only been applied to military ends, since these techniques could have found better use, the one as a completely re-reusable space launcher - much more efficient and cheaper than the customary rockets - the other as a hypersonic commercial plane.

Possible antimatter synthesis.

Besides the above, it is highly presumable that the Americans have mastered a massive antimatter production technique, this - and not the "void energy" - being the near magic, inexhaustible future energy coming out of nowhere; unless one considers the transformation of matter into antimatter by thermonuclear compression as a means of "extracting energy from the void". I shall ad that once antimatter has been produced in this way, it can farther be used to produce more. No nuclear explosion is needed at every start. However this technology lays in the hands of humanity incredibly more destructive bombs than the most powerful thermonuclear weapons presently available. It also generates a potential straightforward war hazard through the fact that very small quantities of antimatter can be stocked in crystals under very stable electrostatic confinement; this allows the production of tiny bombs - "bucky balls" - , the size of an egg, thermal shield included, of 40 ton TNT power. Thanks to their relatively limited power and the fact that no waste is produced, these bombs could readily be used. Instead of dropping high power bombs on isolated targets, which would throw up great quantities of pulverulent matter into the high atmosphere and generate nuclear winter effects, it would be possible to scatter a great number of these mini antimatter bombs and cause equal damage, whilst avoiding that the dust should rise at high altitudes and generate a nuclear winter. We believe that the US already possess a considerable number of such weapons with which they would be capable of reducing whole countries to ashes, and we fear that these devices will soon be discreetly brought into action on more restricted scales. This takes us far out of sight of the positive applications of which Humanity could benefit from such a technology and thus produce, as Dr. Greer rightly puts it, "flowering deserts".

The raw material and waste problem.

We believe that the ET vehicles visiting us use antimatter, stocked on board or synthesised, as primary source of energy. This basic energy could be put to a wide range of uses. One of the most useful is to master the transmutation of materials and be thus able to synthesise at will any type of atom. Coupled with a very advanced nano-technology, this would allow the most complex systems to be synthesised without human intervention, i.e. without "work". Inversely, any system composed of atoms could be converted into neutral waste such as helium, the typically ideal waste. If we survive the next century, this is the picture of our future technology. If such a set of techniques were completed with a more comprehensive approach of biology then that which is practised on Earth today, the Human being would have the keys of a Golden Age within arm's reach.

Present state of technology on Earth.

We do not know how far these technologies may have been developed on Earth. To this date we may only strongly suspect that antimatter synthesis through thermonuclear compression has been obtained in the US towards the end of the sixties; we shall farther come back to this. Another problem raised by Dr. Greer is machine weight reduction, suppression or even inversion (anti-gravity). We consider this as feasible. This is the technique used by UFO's when they hover without any air displacement. In our opinion this can only be understood via an important paradigm shift, a different way of comprehending space and matter. But this is still speculative and we suggest also coming back to it farther on. Anti-gravity control could obviously be applied to civilian transportation, but far beyond this, we think it would open the way to outer space travel. Here again, we shall postpone the subject to the end of this paper.

Our comments on the Space Energy Access Systems.

However commendable the feeling from which this project arises, we are doubtful as to its chances of success. We think that its applications (unlimited energy production, anti-gravity), even though physically conceivable, would call for very expensive advanced technologies. By comparison one could imagine the Foundation offering men of the Antiquity a full purse of gold to whomever would fly a plane with three passengers over more than six miles. We are sceptical as to the compatibility of such techniques with soft technologies within reach of amateurs and moderately sized laboratories. Such developments may, to our mind, only be envisaged by large scale laboratories with considerable funds for which a million dollar prize would seem but a derisory sum compared with the cost of such research. Consequently, laboratories of that size would inevitably be part of the military-industrial lobbies. At best would the supporters of such a project be rewarded with interesting theoretical ideas, but no exploitable practical results. Such is our opinion, but of course we may be mistaken.

Our answer to the Disclosure Manifest.

Whilst we are not in a state to submit to Dr. Greer plans for an unlimited energy producing machine or one that could suppress the force of gravity, we are, on the other hand, able to present strong arguments in support of his campaign against the diversion of technologies by military-industrial complexes elusive to American political power and dedicated to serve a few who seek world domination by force. The elements we are in a state to produce are related to underwater high velocity propulsion and construction of very long range hypersonic planes, both these techniques being based on what is called magneto-hydro-dynamics, or MHD.

General remarks about MHD.

MHD has been the object of sustained research in the sixties, the civilian sector only having obviously been accessible to the public. The purpose at the time was to produce electricity through direct MHD conversion, using as primary energy either fossil fuels - so-called "open cycles" -, or energy produced by high temperature reactors (HTR). In both cases, research teams came up against the fact that gases at "technological" temperatures, even when seeded with low ionisation potential substances such as caesium, are not sufficiently electrically conductive. Below 3000°K, their electric conductivity is too low. The Russians have led this technique of MHD electricity production as far as possible with their U-25 generator, which burns a mixture of hydrocarbons and pure oxygen. But this civilian oriented research was finally abandoned. Another trial took place where two-temperature gases were used (in which the electron gas has a higher temperature than the atom gas). This was not possible in a molecular environment which contained a lot of carbon dioxide (as a result of combustion). Indeed, this molecule is readily excited by the chocks with electrons. The result was a great loss of energy through radiation (radiative un-excitation). This two-temperature system was thus limited to closed cycles where the conversion fluid was a rare gas : helium, seeded with caesium, used to cool down the heart of a reactor working at high temperature (1500°K). Let us point out that these reactors were neither built nor tested. Atomic scientists only thought they might be constructed and, thank God, they never were.
This research came up against something which completely annihilated the generators' performances by making the plasma very non-homogeneous : it was an instability discovered in 1964 by the Russian Velikhov. These preliminaries may seem strange, but they explain why civilian MHD research was abandoned in many countries, except in the US and Russia, where military MHD was at the same time being developed in great secret. In Russia, the father of military MHD was Andrei Sakharov. His pupil was none other than Velikhov, innovator of the soviet style star war, and Poutine's chief consultant for leading edge weapons.

Description of high velocity US and Russian MHD torpedoes.

Since a long time ago, the USA and USSR possessed indubitable evidence that UFO's were of extraterrestrial origin. The US had retrieved at least one crashed hypersonic vehicle at Roswell and it is highly probable that the Russians also collected an equal supply. It was not until the seventies that the Americans understood that one of the key operating elements of the Roswell shuttle was MHD. They also grasped that military MHD was of prime strategic importance and they launched an intense disinformation campaign, at home and abroad, to lure researchers away from what they declared to be a dead end subject. I hold this information from the fact that I was closely implied , since 1965, in French civilian MHD projects. I built a Faraday linear generator, based on a combustion shock tube, producing a power of several megawatts during 200 microseconds; with a two tesla magnetic field. The Velikhov instability having been overcome, we succeeded in obtaining the first two-temperature stable running conditions, and this was presented at the 1967 Warsaw international colloquium. But notwithstanding this success, in the early seventies, in our own country as in others, this research was abandoned. It is worth mentioning that our team obtained a gas blast speed gain of 5,500 m/s over a distance of less than 4", with argon fluxes at 10,000°K input into a Faraday accelerator at 2,750 m/s under a one bar pressure. But at the time nobody in France realised the military implication of what was to become, elsewhere, an MHD propulsion with high specific impulse.
If I remember correctly, I travelled to the United States in 1984, to take part in an international MHD meeting in Boston. The Russians presented their Pavlovsky generator, one of the various versions of the flux compression generators tested in the early 50's by Sakharov's team, which was later to become the typical feed system to their directed energy weapons (electron and laser beams). Besides this novelty, representatives of various countries, American researches included, (the colloquium had been organised by J.F. Louis of AVCO), deplored the loss of interest of their governments. And yet we were ignorant of the fact that, three years earlier, the Americans had operated their first MHD torpedoes at 1,000 knots; we got wind of this many years later. Today, in countries possessing leading technology, propeller torpedoes have been abandoned since exactly thirty years. The powder rocket propulsion was soon found to be more efficient and gave rise to such machines as the American Supercav or the Russian Sqwal.

The russian Sqwal rocket torpedo (250 knots)

The British today possess a similar weapon, the Spearfish. In these torpedoes, hot gas is ejected from the machine's nose and vaporises the neighbouring sea water. The torpedo then moves in a sheath of water vapour; the resulting friction reduction allowing speeds of 200 to 250 kn. Course control is achieved through the protruding pole which telescopes out of the nose after launching. Steering is obtained by modulating the exhausts of nozzles which encircle the main propulsion nozzle and are fed by the forward situated gas generator. Today however are such machines quite out of date, even though countries such as France do not even have them yet. American and Russian MHD torpedoes also have a solid propellant rocket engine. The divergent works like an MHD convector, producing a large amount of electric energy. This energy feeds a wall accelerator of which, for the sake of lightness, the principle description is appended. Such a system sucks the water in very strongly; hence is the viscous drag concept no longer appropriate since the wake is not only suppressed, but even reversed; which opens the path to very high speeds. Such speeds, reckoned today to be able to reach about 1,600 to 1,900 kn., enable the torpedoes to reach the targets in matters of seconds. It is easy to see the major strategic asset brought to any nation possessing these torpedoes, since it would enable the destruction, in a few seconds, of the enemy's strategic nuclear submarines, which are the most dangerous of all weapons. They are generally positioned as close as possible to their potential targets in order to reduce the range of the ballistic flight, hence the chances of interception. In fact, the destruction of these missile loaded submarines would probably be the very first act of war of any nation with a high technological level of equipment. The Chinese do not possess such an equipment yet. In 1996, the Russians attempted to make a demonstration of their machine nicknamed "the Fat One", of a one meter calibre, because they were hoping to sell them the torpedoes. Such a technology transfer would, in the long run, have meant a great menace to world security and, informed of the transactions, the Americans boarded and sank the Koursk which was due, in presence of a Chinese general, to make the demonstration. Fearing this should be discovered, the Russians closed all of the submarine's hatches (by remote sonar order issued from the Peter the Great cruiser, flagship of the manoeuvres), letting the entire crew perish and recovering the wreck later.
The MHD torpedo and its parietal accelerator propulsion is thus one of the first applications of the military MHD derived from the close analysis of the Roswell wreck.

American hypersonic machines. Aurora and the antipodal hypersonic bomber.

Air travelling machines remained, from there on, to be designed. From Mach 3 up, the air compression aft of the chock wave generates an important heating. By shifting to stato it is possible to go up in Mach levels. One can then, around Mach 6, envisage a scramjet functioning (hypersonic combustion), where fuel and oxidiser (hydrogen and liquid oxygen) circulate in the leading edge to cool it down. But the examination of the Roswell vehicle was to yield a much better solution, which would lead to the Aurora machine, which took its first flight in 1990 at Groom Lake. This very clever craft can take off by its own means, pick up speed and altitude, reach 6,000 kn. at 180,000 ft., then become sattelised with conventional rockets. Two very different successive operating modes are then called upon. At the start, Aurora - of which Ajax, the Russian version designed by Fraistadt, was never built through lack of funding - looks like a conventional jet plane. Four turboreactors without post combustion are suspended under a very cambered wing with a completely flat top and a sharply lifted "duck tail" trailing edge.

Aurora in subsonic and moderate Mach fligh

Aurora then reaches Mach 3 and the motor air feed changes. The bottom air intakes close up. The plane then flies in low pressure air which ionises more easily. An air inlet opens on the top side, in front of which a set of parallel electrodes form an MHD wall generator. Since this section works as a generator, the air is slowed down and re-compressed (by Lorenz forces). A continuous slowing down then takes place, without shock waves and with moderate heating, to such a point that the gas can be directed to the conventional turboreactor air intake, even though the plane flies at 6,000 kn. at about 180,000 ft altitude. Very high tensions are generated by the Hall effect. In these parietal converters, the Americans use superconductor systems developing 12 teslas. The Velikhov instability is mastered by magnetic confinement. The high voltage is used to create a plasma cushion which protects the leading edge. The electric power is next used to enhance the specific impulse thanks to a wall accelerator located aft of the nozzle outlets (MHD by-pass system). This is then of the "semiguided" type.

Aurora, hypersonic flight

It is designed to function with a fixed expansion coefficient at a given altitude. At lower altitudes, the expansion of the jet is too strong and it then exhibits a succession of knots and bumps, typical of "over-depressed" jets.

classical over-depressed jet

This explains the mysterious photograph taken near Groom Lake, where the plane, seen exceptionally in daylight, had not yet reached its adaptation altitude.

photograph of Aurora jet

Aurora's lift is obtained through the generated shock wave on which the plane surfs; it is a wave rider. But Aurora is not meant to function that way a long time because the formation of this shock wave generates a drag which entails a waste of energy. Rockets enable the machine either to become sattelised at an altitude of 250,000 ft., i.e. the atmosphere's limit, or to execute ballistic leaps, like a pebble bouncing on a water pond. Under those condition it becomes a kind of pilotable semisattelite, such as the well known silver surfer. The total plasma envelope makes it also completely stealthy. Once sattelised at a speed of 15,000 kn. it can reenter at a very slight angle of incidence without the need of a degradable thermal shield; the whole surface then works as an MHD generator. The high tension produces a forward protecting plasma cushion; the energy being dissipated mainly through radiation. When the plane returns to its base, the whole process is gone through in reverse order; and when approaching it is propelled like a conventional plane and can land on a normal runway.
This has all been kept secret. The Americans attempt to lull the awareness of other countries by rather gross misinformation. They lead Europeans into thinking that the adventure of hypersonic flight is near at hand, whilst in fact they have been mastering those techniques for the last twelve years.

Aurora's lift is obtained through the generated shock wave on which the plane surfs; it is a wave rider. But Aurora is not meant to function that way a long time because the formation of this shock wave generates a drag which entails a waste of energy. Rockets enable the machine either to become sattelised at an altitude of 250,000 ft., i.e. the atmosphere's limit, or to execute ballistic leaps, like a pebble bouncing on a water pond. Under those condition it becomes a kind of pilotable semisattelite, such as the well known silver surfer. The total plasma envelope makes it also completely stealthy. Once sattelised at a speed of 15,000 kn. it can reenter at a very slight angle of incidence without the need of a degradable thermal shield; the whole surface then works as an MHD generator. The high tension produces a forward protecting plasma cushion; the energy being dissipated mainly through radiation. When the plane returns to its base, the whole process is gone through in reverse order; and when approaching it is propelled like a conventional plane and can land on a normal runway.
This has all been kept secret. The Americans attempt to lull the awareness of other countries by rather gross misinformation. They lead Europeans into thinking that the adventure of hypersonic flight is near at hand, whilst in fact they have been mastering those techniques for the last twelve years.

Model of Aurora X-43A slung under the wing of a B-52, and poised in front of a large powder booster

In flight

The "pseudo-Aurora" test model.

Notice that vertical tails contradicts stealthyness. But the cut nose corresponds to the real Aurora. This is a cover-up on technological progress. The civilian version of Aurora would not be a sattelisable spy plane, but a completely reusable launcher, much cheaper than the classical rockets which depend solely on the thrust of their motors to overcome the drag linked with the generation of a chock wave.
What Occidentals ignore, and which I shall reveal in a book, is that Americans also have a hypersonic long range bomber which can fly at similar speeds and altitudes. Seen from above, these bombers look like a B2. The saw-tooth shape of their trailing edge is designed to give stability when landing. The shape causes eddies which prevent the wing tip loss of lift to creep up towards the leading edge (short after the war, this phenomenon caused the crash of the flying wing designed by Jack Northrop). The B2's based at Whitman, supposed to have cost $2 billion each, are just decoys. The real plane is not subsonic and has neither cockpit nor any hoods above the four motors. These are completely included in the wing, so as to avoid the turbine vanes from being detected by radar's.

US hypersonic bomber.

Wall convectors sit on the front parts of the wings ahead of the motors. These systems enable incident air to be re-compressed without shock wave generation and funnelled into the inlets of classical turboreactors. The machine is a subtle combination of regions where the MDH wall converter is used to slow down the gas (as an electrical power generator) and others where, on the contrary, the gas is accelerated. This system allows complete control over the gas flux and suppression of any shock wave and hence wave drag. If the latter were to remain, the plane could not fly a long time considering the energy wasted in creating it. This elimination of shock waves was obtained in 1997 and opened the path to the first antipodal flights. In fact, on more than one item this bomber is more sophisticated than the Aurora. For instance, the electrical discharge at the leading edge has a better mastered geometry which gives rise to a real "virtual" leading edge.

Hypersonic long-range bomber

Thus the machine, which the B2 dissimulates, is able to take off from the US, reach any point on the globe, and come back and land again in the US all in one night and four hours, even if the target lies in the antipodes at 10,800 nautical miles. Bombing assignments have been enacted in Europe and Afghanistan, the latter being mentioned as subsonic 40 hour flights, necessitating six in-flight refuellings, most of which took place over Russia which the planes had to cross. Considering the vulnerability of a plane while refuelling, who would be gullible enough to believe such a version ? Notice also that the B2's which are shown have no bunk of any kind to allow crew members to take some rest. Could any pilot remain seated for forty hours on an ejector seat ? See on my web site http://www.jp-petit.com a file on the B2.
In numerous realms, the US attempt to disguise their military technology progress. They possess a hypersonic drone whose air intake is controlled by a similar process. On the photographs they show, the stealth inducing air intakes could absolutely not function if the plane were to move at supersonic speeds.

The X-47A

American documents are generally mute about the speeds of these planes, but even if they were stealthy, one can hardly imagine the Americans constructing subsonic combat drones !
These few elements, (but there are many more, particularly concerning microwave weapons, crowd control systems, etc.), may attract the reader's attention to the fact that the US might indeed well have acquired a considerable lead in matters of weaponry by using information extracted from UFO observation and reverse engineering of retrieved wrecks.
I agree with Dr. Greer. I think that as soon as the United States disposed of directed energy weapons, they deliberately shot down UFO's in order to analyse them.

Why the US are suspected to possess antimatter bombs.

The 'flux compression" generators, such as those tested by Sakharov in the early 50's, are now reaching public knowledge. They are the generators which equipped the E-bombs and cruise missiles used during the Gulf war. Specialists are aware that these generators (see annex &&&) can also be used to compress objects at very high pressures (25 megabars in 1952) and to accelerate them at very high speeds (50 km/s in 1952). Towards the end of the 60's, the Americans considered working these systems by using low power atom bombs (1kt of TNT) as explosive. The pressures reached were so considerable that they managed, in this kind of "laboratory", to reproduce conditions similar to the Big Bang, matter then muting into antimatter. The energy production turned out to be one hundred times greater than what was expected. This was kept secret. The Russians and the Chinese later tried to re-enact those experiences, but they failed because of lack of superconductors of adequate quality.
The Americans managed to separate the produced antimatter from matter and to confine it in magnetic bottles. They eventually used it for propulsion, for such as a disc shaped drone, operational since 2000, which can travel at Mach 10 in dense air, and which they attempt to keep secret. This object works along the lines described in annex 2. If one excepts stationary flight without air blast, which comes under "antigravitation", and sharp angle turns, it appears that Americans have almost managed to reproduce, thanks to MHD, the behaviour of inter-atmospheric cruising UFO's. They are now attempting farther to develop this technology, which would give them access to star to star travel. We do not know if they have made any significant progress in that direction, though some believe they have. If such were the case, this would jeopardise the future of humanity because extraterrestrials would probably not tolerate that such barbarians as we are should go and give neighbouring civilisations a pain in the neck.
In the mean time, Americans use small quantities of antimatter to accelerate silicon vapour up to 500 km/s in MHD accelerators used for space propulsion. With such boosters, they have been able to accelerate space probes at speeds of up to 100 km/s and accomplish a survey of the Solar System, nearly complete since five years. They have been testing antimatter bombs in which very powerful charges were synthesised in situ, at the moment of impact. The first trials of these entirely oversized bombs, too powerful for Earth tests, were done by sending them off to the Sun. To do this, very high specific impulse MHD propelled bombs have been launched on trajectories at a wide angle to the Ecliptic plane in order to get merged with a known family of comets. Trials were continued with shots on Jupiter. There again, the bomb modules were directed in such a way as to be mistaken for cometary debris. Initially loaded on board the military Atlantis shuttle, the modules were conveyed on site by an MHD propelled cargo which was then self-destroyed. The modules created a magnetosphere which simulated cometary degassing. They penetrated Jupiter's high atmosphere at 100 km/s thanks to their MHD shield system. Thermonuclear compressed antimatter synthesis, followed by instantaneous explosion caused the impacts to be mistaken for comet fragments.
Later launches were aimed at Jupiter's satellites, such as Io and Europa. On each of those occasions, Galileo, which had been sent into orbit precisely to monitor the trials, failed to transmit the pictures to Earth, at least according to the official version. It suffered a number of failures depriving earthlings of close images of Jupiter's satellites.

An open question.

The purpose of such firings remains mysterious; are they meant to be anti-comet weapons ? Some astronomers believe that, when the Solar System was formed, a telluric planet has been ejected by tide effect on a very eccentric, long period orbit (2000 - 3000 years), at a wide angle to the Ecliptic. This planet would in addition have been reduced to a vast number of fragments while passing inside the Roche sphere of the object from which it was ejected. The periodic return of this swarm of fragments, the size of comets or asteroids and thus undetectable at any greater distance than that of Jupiter, might cause some problems. Would aliens have delivered to the Americans means of accelerating their scientific and technical know-how in order to enable them to master the destruction of such objects between 2020 and 2030 ? Would the Roswell wreck have been a fake, purposely abandoned to trigger off this acceleration ? Every hypothesis may be considered. One must bear in mind that if such a risk were to exist it would be necessary to launch on a collision course with an object moving at 40 km/s; a conventional propulsion would be useless because the shot would next have to turn around to travel in convoy with the target. It would then have to bore a pathway with an antimatter spurt of several kilometres to go and explode a payload of several thousand megatons at the centre of the object in order to transform it into debris each less than one meter in diameter, which would burn out in the atmosphere. Are the shots fired at Jupiter and Io and Europa part of such a plan ?
As a matter of fact, we know nothing about our Solar System and the future of our Earth. Here in France, our group has received more than one telephone call warning of approaching comets, the messages each time including accurate perihelion dates long before the objects could be detected by Earth-bound telescopes.

About anti-gravitation.

Research in theoretical cosmology which we have published, inspired by information received through alien contacts, has led us to build a cosmological model based on two universes, which develops ideas put forward by Andrei Sakharov in 1976 : the twin universe cosmology. We believe the latter also to have been in contact with aliens. Just read the strange end terms of his speech, which was read by his lady friend Helena Bonaire in Sweden on receiving the Nobel Prize. This model consists of a two-fold universe or double-universe. Australian researchers Foot and Volkas today follow a similar path, calling it "mirror-universes" (papers published in Physics Review). We have shown that the "apparent mass" of the "twin universe" was negative, i.e. twin matter repels ours while two particles of twin matter attract each other, in accordance with Newton's law. This repulsion explains the re-acceleration of the expansion of our universe, while it slows down the expansion of the twin.
When interstellar vessels cruise over huge distances, they use the twin as a sort of "express subway". In this universe, which is extremely rarefied in regions adjacent to ours, distances are shortened and the speed of light is high. This makes space travel possible, subject to the principle : "it is illegal to exceed the speed of light of the universe in which one is travelling". One American research team is working on an idea based on attempting locally to modify the value of the speed of light; the "warp driving concept". Our approach is different and far more advanced. With the help of aliens, it has taken us years just to begin understanding how it works and it would require pages to describe. In principle, the vehicle's mass must be transferred to the twin universe. When this operation takes place near the Earth, the latter becomes invisible to the craft but acts on it as a negative, repulsive mass. If the stations in our universe and in the adjacent region if the twin are rapidly alternated, this is not detected by an observer, however in one phase the vessel drops under the Earth's attraction, while in the other it rises under the Earth's repulsion. Globally this amounts to an apparent cancellation of the vessel's weight, whichever it's mass may be. This is our interpretation of what people call anti-gravitation. We do not know whether aliens have given earthlings the tip about those techniques.


Let us stick to what we know already; we feel highly concerned with Dr. Greer's text. It seems clear that a group of humans are holders of elements of science and techniques which are far ahead of the rest of the world. How did they acquire this knowledge and why ? Is it just a consequence of the crash of an alien craft at Roswell ? Is there some much more complex plan behind all this ? Have there been contacts between aliens and this group ? What is the agenda of the ones and the others ? Is the hegemony and domination of this group of humans over the rest of the planet just the consequence of an attempt at helping Humanity to survive the next passage of a swarm of planet fragments ? We care to know. Becoming conscious, at last, that they are not alone, would men acquire some wisdom and, using the technology which makes it possible, turn their planet into an Eden ?
Whichever way, we think the time has come to bring those who hold the secrets to come clean and such is the meaning of our approach to the Disclosure Project.

December 2002

Pr. Jean-Pierre Petit,
Directeur de Recherche au CNRS,
Astrophysicist, specialist in MHD and theoretical cosmology.
(André Dufour, translator)

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Annex 1 : MHD         Annex 2 (other weapons)        Annex 3 (MHD torpedo)

January, February 2003: No reaction

I got back to Debbie Foch several times, asking her if my presentation had been read by one of the members of Dr Greer's scientific team ( From a technical point of view, I had put this presentation on my server and thus made it easily accessible; Indeed, anyone with knowledge of the site's address was then able to download this presentation ). No reply. I tried several times. In January, she claimed to go on holiday for two weeks. In the end somebody gave me the email address of Dr Greer's own secretary to whom I pointed out the existence of this document: She could therefore have downloaded it without any problem. Again no reaction.

One now is entitled to wonder what is going on here. There is only a small number of possible explanations, if one takes into account Dr Greer's recent and spectacular revelations during his radio interview.

1. Greer has indeed been notified of a revolutionary discovery made by a non-physicist (...), a discovery capable of flooding our planet with free energy in an incredibly short period of time and inexhaustible as energy source.
2. Greer, due to his complete naivety, would have been exploited by a clever con-man. However, if this is true, all members of his scientific team are necessarily victims of the same fraud. Anyway, this hypothesis would result in completely discrediting the disclosure project and all its aims: To discover a source of free energy and to draw the people's attention to secret American programs, possibly stemming from unclear relations with "aliens". All of Greer's actions would then be mixed up with fantasies like Startrek, Mars Attacks, Independence day etc. in the public perception and afterwards this discredit would affect any other person defending similar positions.
3. Greer was perfectly up-to-date about Disclosure's real goals, which were to awake the public's interest in the first place, shouting " You are being kept in the dark " and then to break Disclosure's backbone by discrediting himself, an enterprise all participants might possibly have been well-paid for.

Let us consider one particular aspect of the whole matter: Even before Dr Greer founded his company investigating how to extract energy from empty space, his initial declaration had been enthusiastically inviting all scientists linked to assumed secret projects to come forward. He claimed that these secret projects were withholding scientific and technical information from the world community , thus preventing significant progress for humankind. Some testimonies of retired government officials did follow, testimonies without great importance however. In fact, nobody ever spoke up publicly. My question : Was this manipulation initiated to make the chatterboxes come forward in order to be able to identify them as such and to "weed them out ", "weeding out " being the expression used in Greer's initial declaration.From this point of view, it is obvious that my information could not be included on the Disclosure website, since this knowledge was not supposed to be brought to the public's attention and possibly to prompt others to take the same initiatives. Now one understands why they did not react at all.

It is indeed difficult to believe that all members of Disclosure's scientific team, among which several physicists, are incompetent idiots. Besides, I do generally have the reputation of being able to explain matters in a simple and easily understandable way. I would have expected one of Disclosure's team members to send me a letter during the course of the months following the transmission of my knowledge, saying " I am the physicist charged by Dr Greer to assess your information. Could you please answer the following questions ...?"

So far I have not got any reaction and as time passes, the hope of getting any of the kind described above is fading more and more. I would like to suggest to my readers to write ( in English ) to Dr Greer and Debbie Foch and to send me a copy of your letters. I will also display any answers received on my website.

I do not believe this Disclosure initiative to be really transparent. I would rather put it down to a widespread policy of disinformation. Magnetohydrodynamics is a very precise field. All the information I have detailed in my book

Editions Albin Michel, 22 rue Huygens 75014 Paris, France

Jean-Pierre Petit

"UFOs and secret American weapons", ( only available in French at the moment )

January 2003, ISBN 2 226 1316-9

makes sense. Regarding the B2, you might have also been a witness of a quite strange phenomenon apparently linked to a powerful electrical discharge, taking place at transonic speed, if you have had a look at the film available on the website of the company Northop Grumman. Let us point out simultaneously that the Biefled-Brown effect has attracted a lot of attention, an effect certain people do not hesitate to link to some anti-gravitational phenomenon. Lots of papers can be found on the web, papers suggesting that the B2 and other crafts part of current trial programs are actually using antigravitation. Pages over pages on this subject are available on the internet. Less has been written about MHD, and if, then the details are inaccurate and simply stupid, since the device is described as located under the hypersonic craft, whereas the key problem is to transfer the ventilation flaps to the craft's upper part and then to slow down the incoming air through a generator situated on the craft's side.

In USA, thing often go with money. See :


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